Womble Bond Dickinson’s Litigation Training Program Completes Mock Trial

RALEIGH—After months of remote work, many programs are returning to in-person training. This includes valuable experience that participants are not able to obtain from an online lesson. For young attorneys in the Womble Bond Dickinson Litigation Training program, the ability to gather in-person and simulate a trial is crucial for their development.

The Litigation Training program completed their mock trial at the Raleigh office on Friday, Nov. 5 and Saturday, Nov. 6. The mock trial is a foundation course of the litigation training program and upon completion became the firm’s first hybrid training program. Previous trials have been completed fully in-person and remote. The mock trial teams, the judge and facilitators participated in-person while jurors and witnesses contributed remotely. Professional Development Manager Tatiana Garcia manages the Litigation Training program while partners Dana Severance and Michael Sullivan serve as co-chairs. Partner Ripley Rand served his fourth year as the judge.

“The associates dealt effectively with the complications resulting from the hybrid in-person/remote format and tried a good case,” said Rand, a former North Carolina state trial judge. “This was a real-world trial experience from pretrial motions through the jury verdict, and the lawyers on both sides responded well to the inevitable surprises that happen during a jury trial.” 

The objective of the training opportunity is a combination of case strategy and presentation skills.  Both sides are evaluated throughout the trial and receive a critique at the completion of the trial by the faculty and the judge. The jury, witnesses, observers, and judge are polled for feedback on presentation style, courtroom readiness, use of exhibits and objections, technology use, opening and closing statements, etc. 

Associates Jeff Golimowski and Jonathon Townsend served as attorneys for the plaintiff, while associates Kenneth Mueller and Brendan White were attorneys for the defendant. The Faculty Facilitators included Partner Daniel Attaway and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Professor of Law Joseph Kennedy. All nine participating jurors and half of the four witnesses were external, the other half consisting of partners Will Latham and Dean Rutley.

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