Amanda Norris Ames Discusses Title IX Hearing Issues

Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Amanda Norris Ames spoke at the 2021 Association of Title IX Administrators Annual Conference, taking part in a panel discussion titled “Where Do We Start? Confidently Preparing for Efficient and Equitable Hearings.”

Ames was joined in the presentation by Emily C. Babb, Associate Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Title IX/Title IX Coordinator at the University of Denver; and University of Southern California Hearing Manager Catherine Monaco.

Following the release of the 2020 regulations, Title IX administrators were concerned about the legal and procedural aspects of the new requirements. Now, after implementing the regulations for a year, these questions remain, but many are also experiencing the headaches of the more logistical variety: How do we actually coordinate and prepare for a hearing? Who will handle the witnesses, technology, and personnel needed? And how will we do so in a way that is trauma-informed and equitable, while still efficiently utilizing our time and resources.

This virtual session took place Oct. 19 and focused on how to prepare for Title IX hearings, providing participants with the tools to proactively identify issues, assemble and form a team, prepare a realistic hearing schedule, and confidently execute on hearing day.

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